Why we offer natural and organic selfcare solutions?

Why we offer natural and organic selfcare solutions?

Why Kalonegy and Vossity only offer natural and organic selfcare solutions

Clean seems so self-evident. Why would anyone use products which are not? I am extremely conscious of exposing my skin to potential toxins bordering on an obsession. I always use gloves when I am applying cleaners to the floors or the barbeque, or the oven. I think most people do but then why would we not treat the products which are designed to care for skin or hair the same way?

Funnily enough, terms such as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ skin care are thrown around today without any regard for its contents. Transparency within the beauty industry is sometimes few and far between, and products with traces of certain organic ingredients can be labelled as organic without any repercussions. Deceptive, but not illegal! Artificial fragrances are not uncommon, sadly. Products labelled natural are not necessarily better and can still contain synthetic texturizers, parabens, phthalates and fragrances.

Parabens are a major cause of skin irritation, especially in hair care products. Parabens extend shelf life of many products and are often butyl, ethyl or methyl based – all derivatives of well-known harmful substances. Phthalates are a cluster of chemicals linked to breast cancer but also reproductive system defects.

And if you are not wanting to harm yourself, why would you want to hurt the world around you? It all seems so simple. Moving further into this century the necessity of lessening the impact of our environment on us and our own impact on the environment is going to become more evident as we go along. Therefore, I have chosen to only have certified cruelty-free products.

A commitment to bring you high quality products with higher standards stems from a passion of educating consumers about all the chemicals that are currently in the products they use in their daily routine. Look at the ingredient list on your favourite shampoo, body lotion, lipstick, and foundation. If you see any of the ingredients on our “Ditch These Ingredients” list, ditch the product too! Our skin is our largest organ and what we put on it, we are also putting in it.