IV Skincare

We chose IV Skincare because..

IV Skincare changes the game, one serum at the time! Sanja - the founder of Vossity and all-round entrepreneurial, Calgary powerhouse – made it her mission to create a simple, effective and affordable luxury skincare brand. You shouldn’t have to worry about toxic ingredients harming your body, nor should you have to worry about being able to afford good for you and good for the planet products! Her first product, the much lauded serum, ticks all these boxes and that’s why Kalonegy is extremely proud to introduce this product to you.

IV Skincare Infusion Serum IV Skincare Infusion Serum
Infusion Serum
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    IV Eye Cream IV Eye Cream
    IV Eye Cream
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      IV Skincare Obsidian Facial Roller IV Skincare Obsidian Facial Roller
      Obsidian Facial Roller
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