Why is Marine Liquid Collagen good for you?

Why is Marine Liquid Collagen good for you?

I have had a need for collagen for years because of a combination of skin conditions, environment, and lactose intolerance, so I am very used to dipping into supplements and trying various brands and forms. Direct supplements can have direct side effects such as heartburn, bloating and generally just feeling quite full. I only felt really bloated after powder collagen. Now, that doesn’t necessarily outweigh the benefits of collagen supplementing my diet, but it doesn’t help either. Also, I have always struggled with mixing in supplements into my diet. So, where to start with collagen?

In comes AURA Inner Beauty Marine Collagen. Marine liquid collagen is the purest and safest source of collagen available, considered the best source of collagen for medicinal purposes due to its bioavailability (1.5 times more than bovine) and superior bodily absorption. Marine collagen peptides are smaller than other types of collagen, which allows the body to digest and absorb amino acids more easily – which is what helps give you beautiful, glowing, healthy skin.

And to top it all off, the flavours make it palatable for all. Coconut Marine Collagen makes a great addition to your morning coffee. Passionfruit? Smoothies! Wild-berry Hibiscus? Green tea!

Passionfruit Liquid Marine Collage


Not sure how to use it in a mixed drink?

Try a couple of these simple recipes from Aura Inner Beauty:

Passionfruit-Cranberry Lemonade for Glowing Skin:
- Lemon + Mint Leaves
- Lime Juice
- Lemonade
- Passionfruit Collagen Elixir
- Cranberry Juice


Passionfruit Lime for Bloating:
- 1 cup water⁠
- 1/2 Lime Juice (or Lemon) ⁠
- 2 tbsp Passionfruit Collagen Elixir ⁠
- 2 tsp Chia Seeds
- 1 tsp of Honey (optional)