Kalonegy is hopping onto the the #30DayWelle train!

Kalonegy is hopping onto the the #30DayWelle train!

WelleCo launched the #30DayWelle campaign and has provided some answers to the age-old question surrounding food supplements; “What can I expect?”

The program offers a new starting point from your skin to your digestion. In the first few days, a detox process will be started by your body and you might get a reaction from that process. For some, its breakouts and for others they might feel bloated. Not everyone gets it, but if you do, it is a sign of response from your body and a call to action to get rid of all those toxins. See it as the Exodus, but for toxins instead!

Glowing Skin

You can expect clear and glowing skin after processing all built-up toxins. The skin after 30 Days of Welle is most often described as healthy, radiant and glowing.

Effective Digestion

Two teaspoons of (insert Super Elixer Link) each day will soon improve your gut and digestion, allowing it to function optimally. Give yourself some time to adjust – a little bloating for a few weeks is completely normal – but you should notice changes relatively quickly. A great side-effect of the 30 Days of Welle is the reduced cravings for sugar, and you’ll feel more satisfied after a meal.

Energy levels!

Within the first week many people felt more energetic. By consistently taking The Super Elixir™, you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs to perform, addressing and supporting all of its internal systems. Your immune system will also improve and minimise some symptoms of illness, like congestion.

You’ll feel more positive

There are cognitive benefits to 30 Days Welle. You will start to experience mind clarity, which helps with concentration and focus, but you’ll also feel more motivated. Butt the time you’ve gotten into the groove one or two weeks in and have been consistently nourishing your, you’ll be in a great headspace and feel more positive to push through and keep up with your new daily routin