Introducing Cleo+Coco

Introducing Cleo+Coco

Cleo+Coco is the result of the founder, Suzannah Raff, identifying a problem she had and just getting on with it. 


I am so happy to be able to introduce Cleo+Coco to Kalonegy. Both from a personal and a business point of view, the products Suzannah offers combine the function with clean living perfectly. Having used her products the composition, and the application blend together like few other brands can achieve. But how did Cleo+Coco came to be? 

Years before Suzannah launched Cleo+Coco she had been known for smelling amazing, mixing, and blending her own perfumes to make her own signature scent. She began to use essential oils around the home and for general health and well being. Familiarizing herself with the beneficial properties, along came the clean health movement. Becoming an avid student of this movement, she found out that during her first pregnancy she became overly sensitive to and aware of the chemicals in the products she was using. All her products ended up in the garbage!

Suzannah then took out her essential oils and began creating her own deodorant that was natural, free from synthetic fragrance, sensitive enough for pregnant and nursing moms, yet still powerful enough to combat odor. It took a good year of experimenting with the perfect mix of ingredients, but she finally cracked it.

She had been using her self-made deodorant for a while, and after doing some more research at the clean deodorant space she realized a shift in the market was going to take place; away from harmful anti-perspirants and to cleaner alternatives. She found a professional chemist and manufacturer and launched Cleo+Coco. It took almost a year to get to the point where she could claim with complete confidence that Cleo+Coco offered all day odor control. 

Cleo+Coco, by the way, is a testament to the innovative character of the founder and the brand. It reflects the ingredients; Coconut oil (Coco) and Cleopatra wore charcoal (Cleo). 

Cleo+Coco offer their products in a zero-waste, plastic-free dispensers.


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