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Hair Perfume Golden Citrus

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This organic hair perfume that is free from harsh chemicals and revitalizes your hair with delicious and luxurious organic scents.

The Organic Hair Perfume is designed to restore life and energy to the hair, refresh whilst delivering an exquisite scent, hydrate the hair and soothe the scalp, cool the body if sprayed onto the nape of the neck and as a styling aid. The spritzer disperses a fine mist, ideal for delivering the perfume, where you need it. Contains our signature Scented Hair Oil to deliver fine molecules of “Youth Dew” to the hair. Enhances the colour of hair, by varnishing the hair, creating shine & lustre. Wear on your skin as a perfume as it smells divine. Alcohol free formulation, to protect your hair from drying out. Contains Tabitha’s signature amethyst stone. An expert blend of certified organic botanical ingredients including White Tea and Nettle to enhance colour and texture, Lavender to soothe the scalp, Neroli for its exquisite perfume, Myrrh to protect and Bergamot for its fine scent and reputation for lifting the spirits.

165ml – 5.5 fl oz

Tabitha James Kraan Canada Organic Hair Perfume